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Started from a single kitchen, 99Rotiwala has established itself in the hearts of Indoris. Now, we plan to reach new heights by setting up more franchises in different cities.
What We Offer

The Recipe for Getting a 99Rotiwala Franchise.


Want to set up a franchise in your location? Drop up an inquiry and our experts will contact you.

Location Inspection

Our experts will inspect the location to assess demographics, population, surrounding areas, rent, and taxes.

Closing the Deal

If the inspection goes smoothly, we’ll welcome you to our team!
The secret sauce of our success

What makes 99Rotiwala so appetizing?


The Foodies Vouch for Our Taste.


The variety of dishes offered by 99Rotiwala is amazing. I can easily order food that isn’t typically found in Indore, at 99Rotiwala.


Food costs can take a toll on our pockets we live away from home. But 99Rotiwala is providing us affordable food without compromising quantity or quality.


99Rotiwala is the best place to order food from. The delivery charges are minimal, the quantity is good, and the taste is wonderful.


99Rotiwala has not even once delivered bad quality food. This is why I have stayed loyal to the brand for the last 4 years.


99Rotiwala has connected us with hundreds of non-native dishes that I can order with just a click of my fingers.

    The secret sauce of our success

    Why 99Rotiwala is popular?.

    Quick Order & Delivery

    99Rotiwala makes it easy to order food through its partnerships with multiple food delivery platforms.

    Fantastic Taste

    Our team of exceptional chefs prepares wonderful meals with high-quality ingredients and a drop of love.

    Pocket-Friendly Menu

    Get everything from Snacks to main-course dishes under ₹99.

    We are growing!

    Love 99Rotiwala!
    Make the Franchise Yours.

    More than 45,000+ reviews are a clear sign of our fast growth. One step closer to becoming an entrepreneur of a trusted brand.

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    161 A, Adarsh Mechenic Nagar, Bhamori, MR 9, Opposite Sai Sampada Building, Indore